Welcome to my blog!

This site is about automating parts of daily life and routines. There will be articles about using mainly open source software such as Home Assistant and Tasmota.

I will cover software and hardware but of course a lot of the information will also be referring to some of the thousands of great people out their contribution what they have already done.

You’ll will soon learn that I am a beginner at all of this and I’m sure plenty of you guys will be able to help me add more to this and correct certain things over time.

I’ll tell you a tiny bit about how I got into it…

A guy at work mentioned Home Assistant about a year ago and I didn’t look into it until a good few months later. I found the “Bruh” channel on YouTube which was great and inspired me but then I saw he had been inactive for some months. I hunted around again and stumbled across Dr Zzs who had pretty much just started out a few months previous. A couple of months later Rob at “The Hookup” got on board too and the combination of this wealth of information being churned out every few days really got me motivated.

I wasn’t planning on contributing back until I was more confident I knew what I was doing but hey you gotta start somewhere and if I can help even a few people then great!

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